• Website Design

    Q: I want a website what do I do? [MORE]
    Give me a ring and I will come to see you at your chosen destination for a free chat about what the web can do for you and your company. Based on this meeting I will attempt to give you a quote for the work - there is no obligation and I will then leave you to make up your own mind. [HIDE]

    Q: Can I manage my own content? [MORE]
    YES. We can create a content management system, specifically for you to update your site information. This can be as complicated or as simple as you desire. We hand code all our sites, to suite you without using external software which can be complicated to use or integrate with your site. [HIDE]

    Q: How much will a site cost? [MORE]
    A difficult question to answer - like asking how much does a car cost - some can be the basic model or you could go for the Rolls Royce of websites. A single page site costs just £125+VAT. A small business site around £200 - £300. A content management site, custom to your requirements, from about £500. Although the more you spend on a site generally the better it will be in both its design and functionality. [HIDE]

    Q: What is hosting? [MORE]
    Hosting is where your site will be kept and be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Generally hosting machines are working 99.8% of the year. This is a yearly charge at about £35plus vat per year and includes a .co.uk domain name. The first year is included for free with all our website packages. [HIDE]

    Q: What is a domain name? [MORE]
    A domain name is a unique name for your site, www.yourname.co.uk for example and cost from £3 and per year on averagefor a .co.uk domain name are (included with all our hosting packages and sites). You can register your own domain name, although if you are intending to use our services please contact us first. E

    Q: I don't know anything about computers, it's all very complicated..
    Don't worry, that's why we're here. You tell us what you want the site to achieve, verify the overall design of the site and we will do the rest. If you want to update it, but not yourself then we can do this all for you.

    Q: What's the process of your website creation? [MORE]
    First we have a meeting about your requirements, I will then provide you with a rough estimate. On going ahead, we will create a rough design of your site and ask for a deposit (usually 50%). You can make changes to the rough design, and start to supply us with relevant pictures and information to go on the site. We will then code and create the site to your liking.

    Q: How do you create/ code your site? [MORE]
    For the most part sites are made using the latest website standards and I program in HTML, PHP, MYSQL and CSS. Animation is done in flash. These are the most widely used coding practices on the web, and are open source (meaning they are unlikely to be charged for apart from flash).

    Q: Can I use externally made software/code on my site? [MORE]
    A: The answer is yes. We can implement 3rd party forums, chat rooms, etc, but these come with a few warnings. Software comes and goes, what might be free and here today, is sometimes charged for or disappears tomorrow. External software can be difficult to customise and could compromise your sites design / look.

    Q: Will I be at the top spot in google? [MORE]
    With millions of websites on google and lots of competition for the top spot, anyone who offers you top page listings are just after your money. It is possible, but an expensive outlay and one that needs constant attention. Google also changes the way it looks at sites and over the years has changed how it lists websites to try and increase sales of its advertising revenue (adwords).

    Q: Why google? [MORE]
    Love it or hate it, google are the number one search engine for now, with over 90% of searches being conducted on their site. Google have in recent years set the standards of website compliance, in how they look at your website and determine it's relevance to the search in question.